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Fire hydrant system

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7228868.

The present invention relates to a hydrant system that is projected over the ground while being buried in the underground. The hydrant system comprises a sluice valve connected to a water-guide tube within a manhole M, the sluice valve having a first openings/shutting shaft disposed therein; a female cylinder having a drain valve that is opened when the sluice valve is locked and that is locked when the sluice valve is opened, and a bracket having a through-hole; a male cylinder having a piston for opening/shutting the bottom of the male cylinder as a piston rod is rotated in the forward or reverse direction; a rod for limiting a projection range of the male cylinder protruded against the female cylinder; a manhole cover having a sub hole through which the male cylinder passes; a second opening/shutting shaft for rotating the first opening/shutting shaft; and a universal joint, which connects the first opening/shutting and the second opening/shutting shaft.

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