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Bumper absorber for pedestrain protection

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7226097.

A bumper absorber for protecting pedestrians (20) is formed into a W-shaped cross-sectional configuration, as taken along a direction which is orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of the bumper absorber. The W-shaped cross sectional configuration has portions in which a front notch portion (22), an upper rear notch portion (24), and a lower rear notch portion (26) overlap with one another in a vertical direction of a vehicle. Ribs (30) are formed respectively at the upper rear notch portion (24) and the lower rear notch portion (26), and a triangular notch (32) is formed from a vehicle rear side at each of the rib (30). Further, the ribs 30 are formed at the upper rear notch portion (24) and the lower rear notch portion (26) so as to be separated from each other at predetermined intervals in a longitudinal direction of the bumper absorber, namely, in a transverse direction of the vehicle. With this structure, a rise in impact load acting on a pedestrian who is hit by a bumper can be controlled.

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