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Vibration mirror, optical scanning device, and image forming using the same, method for making the same, and method for scanning image

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7221493.

A vibration mirror is reciprocatively vibrated by an electrostatic force to reflect an incident light beam. The vibration mirror comprises a reflection means for reflecting the incident light beam; a reflection means holding substrate for holding the reflection means; a torsional rotation shaft comprising rod members rotatably supporting two ends of the reflection means holding substrate; movable electrodes formed on side faces of the reflection means holding substrate supported; a first substrate for supporting the reflection means supporting substrate via the torsional rotation shaft; first fixed electrodes formed on the first substrate so as to face the movable electrodes; a first electrically insulating and separating means formed on the first substrate to electrically insulate and separate the movable electrodes from the first fixed electrodes; and a second substrate overlaid on the first substrate with an insulating layer therebetween so as to be electrically insulated from and overlapped to adhere onto the first substrate.

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