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Crane equipped with inspection device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7216548.

The invention aims at providing a crane equipped with an inspection device that can maintain excellent inspection conditions without decreasing cargo transporting efficiency. On a container transporting route of a quay crane, a truck (position adjustment device), is provided moveably in a direction across this transporting route. An inspection device, which inspects the container, is provided on this truck. An upper part frame, which projects above the inspection device, and a lower part frame, which projects under the inspection device, are provided on the truck. An upside position detector, which detects the relative position of the container and the inspection device in the direction of movement of the truck, is provided in a position higher than that of the inspection device of the upper frame. A control device is provided, which controls operation of the position adjustment device based on detection results of the upside position detector so that the inspection device and the container are positioned appropriately for inspection.

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