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Method and system for sharing and/or centralizing mobile positioning information and geospatial data for roaming mobile subscriber terminals

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7209758.

A method and system for providing location based services (LBSs) to a mobile-subscriber terminal (MST) roaming in a serving network is provided. A location based service provider (LBSP) that is outside of the serving network receives from the serving system an MST-initiated request for LBSs and an identifier of a first location system (LS1) that is associated with the serving network. Responsive to the MST-initiated request, the LBSP sends to a second location system (LS2) (i) a request for mobile positioning information (MPI) for the MST, and (ii) the identifier. Using the identifier, the LS2 addresses and sends the request for MPI to the LS1. Responsively, the LS1 populates a shared database with the MPI. The LS2 retrieves the MPI from the shared database and sends it to the LBSP. The LBSP sends to the MST a reply to the MST-initiated request for LBSs.

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