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Reversible lounge chair

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7207622.

A lounge chair having a frame supported by legs, which may or may not have wheels incorporated therewith, and at least first and second adjustable backrest portions pivotally attached to the chair. When a sunbather wishes to sit on the lounge chair in an inclined position with his or her back supported, he or she inclines one of the backrest members which will position the sunbather in the most optimal position relative to the sun for sun bathing. As the sun passes overhead to a point which causes the sunbather's exposure to the sun to be diminished, the sunbather may merely drop the first backrest portion down to a horizontal or other desired position, adjust the second backrest portion to a position of inclination which suits the sunbather, and turn him or herself around to lay in the opposite direction in the lounge chair.

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