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Signal measurement apparatus and method for handover in a mobile communication system

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7200124.

An RNC determines parameters available for measurement of a synchronization signal and second Node B information from a second Node B, transmits the determined parameters to a first Node B during radio link setup and to a UE during radio bearer setup, and transmits parameter selection information to the first Node B and the UE, if it is recognized that measurement of the synchronization signal and the second Node B information is necessary. The first Node B changes a position of a downlink time period over which a downlink channel is transmitted from the first Node B to the UE and a position of an uplink time period over which an uplink channel is transmitted from the UE to the first Node B, according to parameters selected from the parameters. The UE receives the synchronization signal and the second Node B information in the remaining time periods except the changed downlink time period and the changed uplink time period among the plurality of time periods.

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