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Universal hospital bed designed for nursing the immobile patients with additional bathing equipment

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7197780.

The universal hospital bed designed for nursing the immobile patients with additional bathing equipment" belongs to the category of the health equipment, intended for the health institutions, gerontology institutions and family households. The essence of the invention is in its constructive solution of the three-part bed, which using the mechanism for electrical and mechanical adjustment of the angles of the slope of the mobile parts of bed, could be converted into the form of (arm) chair. The belt holders and belts for fastening the patients are installed on the back part of the bed, and the antidecubitus mattress is placed along the whole bed, used as preventive protection of the patients against decubitus, or if patient already has it, for healing of the wounds. On the middle sitting part of the bed-mattress, part of the mattress is cut and the basic insert (41) is made of it, which if necessary, could be replaced with WC insert. Additional special equipment for bathing the immobile patients solves the problem of bathing the patients on the bed itself.

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