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Low resistance shield

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7196600.

A flat multi-layer arrangement (1; 1a 1f) of superconducting wires (4,5) with normally conducting substrate (17) and at least one fiber (16) which is electrically conductingly connected to the substrate (17) and is superconducting under predetermined operating conditions is characterized in that the superconducting wires (4, 5) in a respective layer (2, 3; 22, 23) are substantially disposed such that they do not cross. A resistive electric contact is provided between the superconducting wires (4, 5) of different layers (2,3; 22, 23) and the superconducting wires (4, 5) of at least two neighboring layers (2, 3; 22, 23) do cross, wherein no closed superconducting loops are present in the arrangement (1; 1a 1f). This arrangement permits shielding of the working volume of a magnet coil arrangement against low-frequency stray fields in an efficient and reliable manner.

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