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Assembly of waterproof zip and tapes

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7191497.

A method of sealing the join between two tapes to which the teeth of a waterproof zip are attached and two edges of a garment composed of a first or waterproof layer and a second or fabric layer, which comprises: a) applying to a first side of each tape, a strip of heat-weldable textile material attached to it, by at least one weld line, such that each strip comprises a first and a second flap; b) welding the edge of the first layer to one face of the flap furthest from the teeth; c) attaching the edge of the second layer to the second side of each tape; d) folding down the flap nearest to the teeth of the zip; and e) forming another weld that hermetically joins the outline of the outer edges of the flap to the corresponding tape around the area.

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