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Oscilloscope having advanced triggering capability

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7191079.

An advanced trigger circuit includes two trigger decoders, each triggering on one of respective pluralities of continuous-time trigger events. In one embodiment, a programmable timer begins timing in response to an output signal of the first trigger decoder and generates an end-of-time signal at the expiration of its time period. A reset circuit resets the first trigger decoder if the second selected continuous-time trigger event failed to occur before the end-of-time signal was generated. In another embodiment, a reset decoder generates a reset signal in response to an occurrence of a selected continuous-time trigger event. The reset circuit is responsive to the reset signal for resetting the first trigger decoder if the second selected continuous-time trigger event failed to occur before the reset signal was generated. In other embodiments, the advanced trigger circuit triggers on a serial lane skew violation or on a beacon width violation.

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