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Coin dispensing apparatus with safe housing

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7186176.

The first purpose of this present invention is to provide a coin dispensing safe assembly with a safe system which can prevent coins being stolen. The second purpose of this invention is to provide a coin dispensing safe assembly with a safe system which can prevent coins being stolen, also it is easy and inexpensive. A coin dispensing safe assembly with a safe system includes a coin dispensing safe assembly having a rotating disk with through holes which is located at the bottom of a coin storing bowl with an upper opening and which is rotated by a motor. A safe housing, which is built to enclose said coin dispensing safe assembly and which can be detached from a coin handling apparatus, includes a dispensing slot for dispensing coins and a disabling unit for the coin dispensing safe assembly, when the safe housing is detached from the coin handling apparatus.

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