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Shutter-type covering for architectural openings

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7168475.

A Venetian-style window blind (10) that resembles plantation style shutters is described. In a preferred embodiment, the headrail is shaped like the plurality of slats depending from it, is pivotally connected to the sides of a window frame by mounting brackets and has a hollow interior. Tilting of the plurality slats depending from the headrail is accomplished by vertically moving an actuator rod that is pivotally connected to the headrail. The plurality of slats are suspended from the headrail by a cord ladder to tilt in unison with the headrail. While tilting the blind assembly into the closed position, the headrail and depending slats also slide inwardly towards the windowpane. The slats are lifted through the actuation of a lift handle that is slidably attached to the actuator rod and contains therein a lock mechanism to hold the slats in a desired position.

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