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Apparatus for decanting pulverulent product and method which can be carried out using said apparatus

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7168460.

An apparatus for decanting pulverulent product (Q) into a receptacle (50) made of deformable material which receptacle is arranged in a container made of rigid material and is temporarily placed upstream of a lock system containing so-called glove boxes, a shaft (64) is rotatably mounted at a distance (n) from an adjustable base (B), on which shaft at least one hood designed as a glove box, at least one hood trough (80) made of metallic material, preferably of stainless steel, is fixed; at least one support plate (78) for the rigid container is attached to length-adjustable piston/cylinder units (76) at an adjustable distance from the shaft (64), the support plate being parallel to the shaft longitudinal axis (N), and the rigid container is sealingly connected at the other end to a connecting tube (34.sub.a) which projects into the hood or the hood trough (80) or the hood system.

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