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Portable electronic system and accessing method thereof

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7162562.

A portable electronic device equipped with multi-function high speed bus and the relevant method is provided in the invention. The portable electronic device includes a main electronic apparatus for connecting to an expansion device through an expansion pack. The central processing unit (CPU) of the main electronic apparatus is connected to the host controller by a first system bus. The host controller is connected to the expansion pack by a multi-function high speed bus. The first system bus is electrically connected to the CPU and includes P signal lines; the multi-function high speed bus includes Q signal lines, where Q<P. The host controller bridges the signals from P signal lines of the first system bus and the signals from the Q signal lines of the multi-function high speed bus. The host controller receives the signals from the first system bus in M clock cycles and outputs the signals to the multi-function high speed bus in N clock cycles, where N>M.

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