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Detection of cardiac arrhythmia using mathematical representation of standard .DELTA.RR probability density histograms

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7146206.

A method and a system for detecting cardiac arrhythmias that includes detecting RR intervals of the patient wherein each RR interval is an interval between two heart beats, and simulating standard probability density histograms of .DELTA.RRs by means of a suitable probability distribution calculated through at least one mathematical formulae, wherein .DELTA.RR is a difference between two successive RR intervals. Test probability density histograms of .DELTA.RRs of the patient are constructed from the detected RR intervals. Finally, the standard and test histograms are compared to detect whether the patient suffers from cardiac arrhythmia. As non limiting examples, the standard probability density histograms of .DELTA.RRs are modeled by a mathematical equation selected from the group consisting of: the Lorentzian distribution, the Gaussian distribution, the Student's t-distribution, and a probability distribution including a linear combination of the Lorentzian and Gaussian distribution.

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