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Enhanced triaxial tester with volume change device for measurement of flow properties of dry cohesive particulate systems under low confining pressures

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7143653.

Disclosed is a triaxial system for testing particulate matter under substantially dry triaxial load conditions comprising: a housing means fillable with confining fluid for providing confining pressure on a sample of dry particulate matter to be tested, the housing having a channel for introduction therein and removal therefrom of the confining fluid, a load piston sealingly extends for providing a load on the sample, sample mounting means for mounting the sample within the housing, the sample mounting means including a top end platen for mounting at the top and a button end platen for disposition at the bottom of the sample, at least one flexible, impermeable membrane for enclosing the surface of the sample other than its ends, fluid passage means connecting the housing to a volume change sensor for freely delivering confining fluid thereto, and a volume change sensor adapted to measure the volume of confining fluid delivered thereto through the fluid passage means. Also disclosed is a test method for employing the above system to test particulate matter.

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