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Medical inspection device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7137948.

A dental/medical instrument is provided for use in diagnostic and related patient inspection/examination. The device includes a body having an integral speculum with a video image capture device, a power supply and a display. These components, in addition to user actuatable controls, are disposed integrally with the body. The body is adapted for convenient engagement and manipulation by a user's hand to provide a unitary, hand-held device capable of illuminating and capturing an image of a patient, and displaying the image. Components of the image capture device, such as a lens and light emitter, are disposed on a nose portion of the speculum. The nose portion is modularly replaceable with alternate nose portions sized and shaped to facilitate various discrete medical/dental examination procedures. The instrument also includes a tube and controller configured to apply material, capture data, and/or effect movement of the speculum.

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