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Apparatus for lifting and lowering toilet seats

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7137154.

Apparatus for facilitating the selective lifting of the lid or the seat/lid combination of a two-piece toilet seat assembly comprises (a) a stem member that is adapted to pass through a pre-formed opening in the lid portion of the seat assembly so as to be movably supported by the lid portion, (b) a manually-engagable handle rigidly connected to one end of the stem member, and (c) a latch member radially-extending from the stem member at a location on axially spaced from the handle. During movement (e.g., rotation) of the stem member within the pre-formed opening in the lid portion, the latch member moves between a seat-latching position in which it underlies a portion of the seat portion of the toilet seat assembly, and a second position in which it is spaced from the seat portion. Thus, applying an axial force on the stem will cause the lid and seat portions to pivot away from the toilet basin together when the latch member is in its seat-latching position, and will cause only the lid portion of the assembly to pivot away from the seat portion when the latch is in its second position.

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