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Piezoelectric transducer for use in ink ejector and method of manufacturing the piezoelectric transducer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7134746.

Inner individual electrodes are formed at intervals on a piezoelectric ceramic layer so as to correspond in a one-to-one relationship with ink channels, and an inner common electrode are formed on another piezoelectric ceramic layer. The required number of piezoelectric ceramic layers with inner individual electrodes and with an inner common electrode are laminated alternately. An outer common electrode is connected to the inner common electrodes, and outer individual electrodes are connected to the respective inner individual electrodes. The capacitance between the outer common electrode and each of the outer individual electrodes is measured. A polarization electric field adjusted based on the measured value is applied between the common electrode and each of the outer individual electrodes to perform polarization. As a result, each area defined over an ink channel by the stacked inner individual and common electrodes is polarized so as to be deformed by a uniform amount when a constant drive voltage is used.

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