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Versatile label sheet and dispenser

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7128236.

A label sheet assembly is provided with bar code information thereon defining the layout of the labels on the backing sheet. A versatile label dispenser apparatus advances the label sheets and deflects them over a peeling bar in one direction to partially separate the labels from the backing sheet; with the advancing action being determined by the bar code information. The label sheet assemblies are then deflected in the opposite direction, and are routed in a substantially flat condition to the output of the dispenser apparatus. The labels are partially dispensed, substantially vertically from the dispenser, and a substantial number of sensors are provided to sense when all of the labels have been removed; and then the dispenser advances the label sheet assembly to partially dispense the next row of labels. The bar code reader may also sense the leading edge of the label sheet assembly to accurately control the incremental advancing of the label sheet assembly.

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