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Label tag dispenser

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7118008.

A label tag dispenser has a base, a cassette mount for placing a paster cassette and two semi-shells symmetrical with each other. The cassette has an outer periphery and at least one groove is defined in the outer periphery. Each semi-shell has an open end, an inner periphery, at least one rib formed on the inner periphery to match with the at least one groove and a cutout defined at the open end. By engaging the groove and the rib, the two semi-shells can be individually mounted on the cassette mount. One semi-shell is mounted and then the paster cassette can be received inside the label tag dispenser with its first paster sheet extending upward through the cutout. Then, the other semi-shell is mounted to achieve the label tag dispenser. Thereby, the label tag dispenser is conveniently reloaded with a new paster cassette without nuisance concerning slippage of the paster sheet.

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