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Input and feedback system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7117136.

An input and feedback system for use with simulator devices immobilizes a portion of the user's body using a securement device which holds the immobilized portion in a fixed position. Pressure sensors are disposed upon the securement device to detect the force resulting from any attempted motion of the immobilized body part. Signals describing these forces are sent to a processing unit which applies this information to a simulated environment and provides sensory feedback to the user of the this simulated environment. Feedback is provided via vibrating elements which provide a sensation to the user corresponding to the motion of the user's muscles which occur in the simulated environment. Feedback is also provided via a screen which is disposed in front of the head of the user. Such immobilizing devices may be used to allow input and feedback based on the motion of various parts of the user's body, such as the head, arms, legs, and torso.

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