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Optical transmitter and optical transmission system

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7116917.

The present invention suppresses to a minimum the degradation of the transmission quality caused by chromatic dispersion characteristic of an optical transmission medium, and the interplay between the chromatic dispersion and non-linear optical effects in dense WDM transport systems. A baseband input data signal is pre-coded in advance by a pre-coding unit, phase modulation is carried out using a pre-coded signal by the optical phase modulating unit, and the phase modulated optical signal is converted to an RZ intensity modulated signal by the optical filter unit that performs phase-shift-keying to amplitude-shift-keying conversion. For example, an optical phase modulating unit generates an encoded DPSK phase modulated signal using a differential phase shirt keying (DPSK) format, and a phase modulated signal is converted to an RZ intensity modulated signal by the optical filter unit disposed downstream of the optical phase modulating unit.

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