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Device for cleaving an optical fibre

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7116882.

A device for cleaving an optical fibre includes a fixing mechanism to fix a fixing element to the optical fibre, and a cleaving mechanism to cleave the optical fibre. The fixing element may be a ferrule, and the fixing element may be fixed to the fibre such that the fibre extends through the fixing element. The cleaving mechanism cleaves the fibre preferably when the fixing element has been fixed to the fibre. The cleaving device may be a hand-held, and hand-operated, tool. The device may enable the possibility of automatic preset positioning and/or orienting of the cleaved fibre end face (which may be angled to the axis of the fibre) with respect to the fixing element. Attachments may be provided for holding the fibre and fixing element during the cleaving operation and for holding a connector body while the fixing element with the cleaved fibre is inserted into the connector.

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