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Display device using electron source elements and method of driving same

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7116057.

In the case where the number of pixels is increased in a display device making use of electron source elements, a period, in which one pixel is caused to continue to emit light, shortened, and so there is caused a need of applying a high voltage between upper and lower electrodes of an electron source element in a short period. Therefore, there is caused a problem that a drive circuit is made severe in operating condition and so the display device is degraded in reliability. Two TFTs are arranged on each of pixels. Also, a time gradation system is used, in which one frame period is divided into a plurality of sub-frame periods, a light emitting or non-emitting state of each of the pixels is selected in the respective sub-frame periods, and gradation is represented by adding up periods, in which the light emitting state is selected in the respective sub-frame periods. Thus it is possible to provide a display device having a high reliability and a method of driving the same.

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