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Rotary blade sharpener

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7112124.

A rotary blade sharpener is comprised of a motorized platen positioned in a housing with a surrounding wall and an open top. An abrasive sheet with an adhesive bottom surface is adhered to a disc, which is tightened to the platen by a knob. The disc is color coded to indicate the grit of the abrasive sheet. An adjustable support rack is hinged to the housing above the platen. A jig is positioned on the rack and arranged to slide side to side thereon. The jig is arranged to receive and securely hold a blade and position it against the abrasive sheet. The rack is adjustable to position a beveled front end of the blade flat on the abrasive sheet. A lubricant container with a drip tube is attached to the housing. A cutout in the surrounding wall is arranged to enable grinding a flat side of the blade.

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