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Laminate production apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7111657.

In the resin film forming method for extruding a fused resin from an extruder die to form a resin film, the second resin forming both ends in width direction of the resin film uses a resin greater in extension viscosity than the first resin forming the center in width direction of the resin film. Thereby, even if production conditions such as resin condition and operating conditions change, faults such as neck-in and its resultant thickening at both ends of the resin film can be suppressed. In the production of a laminate by nipping a support and a resin film of a thermoplastic resin by means of a nip roller and a cooling roller while coating the resin film onto the surface of the support, the accompanying air following the rotation of the cooling roller to the nip point is shut off by blowing a gas permeable through the resin film from a gas jet nozzle toward the surface of the cooling roller. Thereby, the occurrence of craters can be inhibited, a laminate excellent in surface appearance can be produced and the production of a laminate effective especially at the time of a line speed rise in the laminate production is performable.

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