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Method for providing controlled heat to a process

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7108730.

This invention relates to a method for providing controlled heat to a process utilizing a flameless distributed combustion. The method of the invention comprises providing an oxidation chamber, with an inlet for oxidant, an outlet for combustion products, and a flowpath between the inlet and the outlet; transporting fuel in a fuel conduit containing a plurality of fuel nozzles distributed along substantially the entire length of the oxidation reaction chamber, each nozzle providing communication from within the fuel conduit to the oxidation chamber, the fuel nozzles being spaced so that no flame results when the fuel is mixed with the oxidant flowing through the flowpath in the oxidation chamber; preheating the oxidant to a temperature at which when the oxidant and fuel are mixed in the oxidation chamber, the temperature of resulting mixture exceeds the autoignition temperature of said mixture; and conducting a process in a process chamber which is in a heat exchange relationship with the oxidation chamber, whereby a controlled heat flux is provided to the process chamber at a desired temperature profile and at a rate of heat flux sufficient to complete the process being conducted therein.

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