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Adaptive digital voltage regulator

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7098641.

A digitally-controlled, DC/DC converter includes at least one switched-mode power stage for the purpose of converting an input voltage (Vin) into an output voltage (Vout); the power stage including at least one controllable switching device, which is turned ON and OFF by a control device with temporal resolution .DELTA.t. The converter further includes a duty cycle control mechanism for controlling the duty cycle of the controllable switching device, the duty cycle control mechanism including a mechanism for estimating the output voltage error; a mechanism for estimating the target duty cycle; a duty cycle quantization mechanism for determining, for a target duty cycle estimate, a first set of quantized ON time/OFF time pairs suitable for controlling the switching device; and a selector mechanism for determining the turn ON and turn OFF times of said controllable switching device by choosing, cycle by cycle, an ON time/OFF time pair from a second set of quantized ON time/OFF time pairs, derived from said first set, choosing in such a manner that the amplitude of the output voltage error is continually minimized. To compensate for the load-dependent effects of parasitics, the second set of quantized ON time/OFF time pairs is adjusted continuously, to insure optimum performance at all load levels.

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