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Slime remover and slime preventing/removing agent

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7098174.

A drainage slime remover capable of spreading a solution of a solid over slime generated wall surface portions, comprising a solid containing a microorganism growth retarding substance and a container which has a shape for permitting the installation thereof at the inlet or upper portion of a drain outlet and stores the solid, characterized in that the container has drain flow-in holes having an opening capable of controlling a drain flow-in amount and provided in the upper surface or the upper side portion of the container and solution flow-out holes having an opening capable of controlling a flow-out amount if a solid solution and provided in the bottom or the lower side portion of the container or additionally in the side surface thereof; and a slime preventing/removing agent which can remove slime from portions such as kitchen sinks and bathroom drain outlets where slime is grown by metabolites such as miscellaneous germs and mildews and which can prevent the occurrence of slime safely and for an extended period of time.

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