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Dictionary apparatus for preparing and displaying form with keyword entries from entered word string

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7096425.

An information entry apparatus and an information entry system provided with that apparatus which enable the efficient entry of required information in real time in a plurality of corresponding fields of a screen by an information entry operation of a level of simplicity equal to that of writing a memo about a case, the information entry apparatus provided with an alphanumeric entry unit for entering alphanumeric string information, a display unit for displaying keywords comprised of predetermined alphanumeric strings in a plurality of corresponding fields on a display screen, a word dictionary for storing a plurality of keywords corresponding to the plurality of fields and a plurality of similar words for deducing those keywords linked with each of those keywords, and an alphanumeric information processing unit for cutting out predetermined word strings from the entered alphanumeric string, searching through the word dictionary by the cut out words, extracting corresponding group of keywords from a dictionary column for which matches are obtained by comparison with keywords of the dictionary or similar words, and displaying these all at once in the plurality of corresponding fields of the display unit.

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