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Genetic algorithm-based adaptive antenna array processing method and system

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7092690.

A genetic processor is used to process a plurality of baseband signals in a communication system. Signals received at an antenna array are processed to form chromosomes based on signal-to-interference-and-noise ratios. The chromosomes are further processed to determine a fitness of the chromosomes, and a weight set corresponding to a determined best fitness level is used to selectively process each signal corresponding to each antennae of the array to increase the dynamic range of the receiver. In-phase, quadrature, amplitude and phase are signal characteristics that may be processed.In the transmit direction, the chromosomes are used to process the modulating signal supplied to each RF antenna, thus resulting in beamforming, the actual signal processing occurs digitally in the baseband spectrum.Chromosomes comprise a number of genes, or bits, based on the type of encoding scheme and the polarization, number and array grouping of antenna elements.

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