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Method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7090738.

A membrane electrode assembly having excellent electric power generating capability is produced from a base coated with first polymer electrolytic solution to form an undried first polymer electrolytic membrane. Undried first polymer electrolytic membrane is coated with first electrode dispersion of second polymer electrolytic solution and catalyst carried on a catalyst carrier and dissolved therein. First electrode dispersion is dried to form a first electrode positive-electrode membrane electrode assembly. Another base, coated with third polymer electrolytic solution, forms undried second polymer electrolytic membrane. Undried second polymer electrolytic membrane is coated with a second electrode dispersion of fourth polymer electrolytic solution and a catalyst carried on a catalyst carrier and dissolved therein. Second electrode dispersion is dried forming a second electrode negative-electrode membrane electrode assembly. The membrane electrode assemblies are integrally combined by joining said first and second polymer electrolytic membranes with fifth polymer electrolytic solution interposed therebetween.

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