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Valve apparatus for controlling mass flow, manufacturing method thereof and heat exchanger using the same

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7086245.

A flow control valve apparatus, a manufacturing method thereof and a heat exchanger using the same. The flow control valve apparatus includes: a flow channel having a longitudinal axis comprised of an upper flow channel and a lower flow channel, for guiding a fluid; sealing means installed in a plane perpendicular to the flow channel and having an orifice through which the fluid passes; opening/closing means for controlling opening/closing of the orifice; and applying means installed along an outer circumference of the flow channel and to which a current may be applied for controlling the opening/closing of the orifice. According to the inventive flow control valve apparatus, the displacement of the permanent magnet valve member is varied using the current applied to the solenoid coil, thereby linearly controlling the opened area of the orifice and/or performing the opening/closing operation of the orifice. The valve apparatus can be miniaturized at a low price. By applying the valve apparatus to a heat exchanger, its cooling efficiency can be controlled easily.

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