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Multiple-optical-axis photoelectric switch, mounting structure therefor, and fixture therefor

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7084387.

A mounting structure for a multiple-optical-axis photoelectric switch comprising, a protrusion of a first member attached to cap members located on either end of the main case of one or both of a light receiving body and a light emitting body. The protrusion is interposed between a convex curved surface of a second member and a concave curved surface of a third member. Elongated holes in the protrusion allow the bodies to pivot about an axis containing the light emitters and light receivers. Consequently, a multiple-optical-axis photoelectric switch, mounting structure and fixture can be provided in which the optical axis can be adjusted without being influenced by the limitation in the spaces above and below the main case while the multiple-optical-axis photoelectric switch is mounted at a predetermined mounting part.

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