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Full-bore artillery projectile fin development device and method

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7083140.

A method and structure for a full-bore artillery projectile fin deployment device comprising a projectile stabilization fin comprising an aperture and a movable pawl; a rod comprising a head portion and a shaft portion terminating with a beveled tip configured for engaging the pawl; a tailboom configured for housing the fin, wherein the tailboom comprises a hollow bore configured for receiving the rod; a pin slotted through the aperture and attached to the tailboom; and a bias member adjacent to the head portion of the rod. The rod is slotted to simultaneously engage a plurality of fins. The tailboom comprises a forward end and a rearward end and a slot configured for permitting the fin to articulate out of the tailboom, and wherein the tailboom connects to a projectile. Additionally, the power source for the device is the naturally occurring launch accelerations.

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