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Manufacturing method of acoustic sensor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7080442.

The present invention relates to a semiconductor electret condenser microphone capable of being reduced in size and including an acoustic sensor 100 and a case 200 for accommodating the acoustic sensor 100, the acoustic sensor 100 has a semiconductor chip 110 forming necessary electronic circuits 111A to 111C, and opening a through hole 112 away from the electronic circuits 111A to 111C, an electrode layer 120 formed on the surface of the semiconductor chip 110 away from the through hole 112, an electret member 130 laminated away from part of the electrode layer 120 and through hole 112, and a diaphragm 140 provided with a spacing 160 to the electret member 130, in which the electrode layer 120 exposed from the electret member 130 is connected to the electrode 111a of the electronic circuit 111A through the case 200 (FIG. 6).

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