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Damped biphasic energy delivery circuit for a defibrillator

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7079894.

A defibrillator capable of delivering a damped biphasic truncated (DBT) defibrillation pulse is provided. An energy storage circuit is coupled across a high voltage switch such as an H-bridge for delivering a defibrillation pulse to the patient through a pair of electrodes. A controller operates to control the entire defibrillation process and detects shockable rhythms from the patient via an ECG front end. The energy storage circuit consists of an energy storage capacitor, a series inductor, a shunt diode, and optionally a resistor in series with the inductor. The controller measures as the patient dependent parameter the time interval between the initial delivery of the defibrillation pulse and the occurrence of the peak current or voltage to determine the first and second phases of the defibrillation pulse to provide for compensation for patient impedance. Other types of patient dependent parameters, measured either before or during delivery of the DBT defibrillation pulse, could be alternatively employed to achieve the impedance compensation.

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