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Method for infusing potting compound into strands of a cable

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7076853.

A process for producing a potting transition which is more nearly planar and which is more repeatable from assembly to assembly. Devices for carrying out the process are also disclosed. A stranded cable comprising a containment jacket is stripped of its containment jacket for a short length to expose the end strands for termination (Obviously, in the case of a cable having no jacket, no stripping is required). The exposed strands are then placed in a barrier device to separate them into a region of exposed strands and a region of guarded strands. Potting compound is then applied to the exposed region. The barrier device prevents the potting compound from penetrating into the guarded region. The result is a distinct transition between a region of strands which have been wetted by the liquid potting compound ("wetted region") and a region of strands which have not been wetted by the liquid potting compound ("unwetted region").

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