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Water pump and thermostatically controlled bypass valve

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7073528.

A water control valve configured for use with a bypass valve to automatically bypass cold or tepid water in a hot water supply line so as to maintain hot water at the fixture. The water control valve is useful for shower/tub facilities and for appliances such as washing machines and dishwashing machines. The water control valve for use with shower/tub facilities is adapted for the bypass valve to attach to or be adjacent to the water control valve by utilizing bypass ports, passageways and/or connectors. The water control valve for use with appliances is adapted to have a second outlet for connecting to a second water control valve or, for combination service valves, to have the bypass valve disposed in the tubular section between the hot and cold water components. The preferred bypass valve is a thermostatically controlled bypass valve of the type having a thermal actuating element.

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