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Engine cooling systems

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7069880.

A heater diverter valve (20) is provided in an engine cooling system having a radiator and a circulating pump, The valve has a first inlet (31) connected to a heater so that coolant flowing through the engine and then through the heater is returned to the pump return line through the valve via the first inlet and an outlet (33). A second inlet (32) is connected to engine and transmission oil coolers so that coolant which flows from the engine supply line through the coolers is returned to the pump return line via the second inlet and the outlet. The valve includes a shuttle (24) which at lower coolant temperatures closes off the second inlet (32) to prevent coolant flow. The second inlet (32) is opened at higher temperatures when a wax type thermal actuator pushes the shuttle towards the first inlet (31).

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