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Downhole tubular splitter assembly and method

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7066267.

A splitter assembly 10 is positioned downhole within a conductor 50 for separating two or more tubular strings placed within the conductor. A splitter housing may include a first bore 26 and a second bore 28 for separating a first well from a second well, and a plug 24 positioned in one of the bores including a top face 25 sloping downwardly toward the other bore. One or more guide plates 18 secured to the splitter housing and positioned above the plug guide a bit or other tool toward one of the first bore and the second bore. The splitter housing 10 may be positioned along the conductor 50 after the conductor is jetted in place. According to the method, the plug in one of the bores is retrieved after a casing is run in one well, so that the second bit and the second casing will pass through the bore which previously included the plug.

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