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Method and device for applying wrap-around labels to objects

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7060143.

The invention concerns a process and a device for attaching a label jacket to objects, such as bottles or similar items, where a jacket label is seized by its forward margin by a spreading jaw unit and pulled in axial direction over the object, where the object, before the pull-over application, is held by the area of its mantle surface, by positive and/or friction lock, the pull-over process is started, the holding device on the mantle surface is temporarily released as soon as the spreading jaw unit at least partially surrounds the object at its mantle surface, and, at the latest before the desired adhesion height of the label jacket on the object is reached, the latter objects is again seized by the area of its mantle surface, which is now covered with the label, and in the process the label is affixed in a non-slip manner, while the spreading jaw unit is pulled off.

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