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Valve and a gas burner

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7059581.

A valve for supplying fuel gas to a fuel gas appliance comprises a valve housing which defines a valve chamber within which a main carrier member is axially moveable. The main carrier carries a primary and a secondary valving member for co-operating respectively with a primary and a secondary valve seat. A pilot fluid outlet supplies fuel gas to a pilot jet. A stepper motor comprising a rotor and four magnetic coils urges the main carrier between a fully open and closed position. An electro-magnetic coil located in the main carrier magnetically couples primary and secondary end plates to the main carrier. Magnetic decoupling of the primary and secondary end plates from the main carrier permits the main carrier to be urged into the closed position by primary compression springs. The drive transmission comprises a drive shaft from the rotor of the stepper motor and a drive spindle.

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