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Liquid crystal display device using cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and fabricating method thereof

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7057688.

A liquid crystal display device includes first and second substrates having inner surfaces facing and spaced apart from each other; a light absorption layer on an inner surface of the first substrate; a cholesteric liquid crystal color filter (CCF) layer on the light absorption layer for selectively reflecting light corresponding to one of red, green, and blue colors; a first transparent electrode on the CCF layer; a first orientation film on the first transparent electrode; a second transparent electrode on the inner surface of the second substrate; a second orientation film on the second transparent electrode, the first and second orientation films being rubbed along the same direction; a polarizing plate on an outer surface of the second substrate; and a layer of liquid crystal material between the first and second orientation films, wherein the layer of liquid crystal material has a bend structure.

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