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Full port externally gimballed joint

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7040666.

A gimballed joint includes an annular bellows seal circumscribed about a joint centerline mounted within forward and aft shrouds having clevises with lugs and a threaded hole disposed through each of lugs. A ring circumscribed about the lugs has counterbored holes. Each of the counterbored holes is aligned with one of the threaded holes. Pins having heads and shanks extending inwardly therefrom are disposed through and the heads engage the counterbored holes. Externally threaded portions of the shanks are threaded into internally threaded holes in the each of the lugs. A key is disposed through a key hole extending inwardly through each of the heads and through threaded together portions of external threads of each of the externally threaded portions and internal threads of each of the internally threaded holes. In one embodiment wear bushings are disposed in the counterbored holes between the heads and the ring.

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