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Valve device for controlled supply of a pressure fluid

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7040320.

A valve device for controlled supply of a pressure fluid, having a housing (2) with a supply chamber (3) for the supply of a pressure fluid from an inlet (4) connected to a pressure fluid source, and having an outlet (5) communicating with the supply chamber (3) via an outlet valve (6). The valve device includes a reference chamber (10) connected to the outlet (5) through a narrow, leakage-forming duct (11), a regulating unit (12 14) adapted to keep the supply chamber (3) permanently pressurised at a value just above the pressure in the reference chamber (10), and a control valve (20) having a valve body (21) for opening and closing of a passage (19) between the supply chamber (3) and the reference chamber (10). The control valve body (21) is arranged to be influenced by an external force for opening of the passage (19), and to be influenced by a closing force determined by the pressure in the chambers (3, 10) at the cessation of the influence of the external force, and the outlet valve (6) is a one-way valve having a predetermined opening pressure.

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