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System for thermally insulating tubular bodies

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7036531.

A heat insulating system for tubular bodies includes at least two superimposed evacuated panels (4, 4'), at least one of the panels is formed essentially by an evacuated envelope which contains a polymeric filling material inside thereof, and at least one other panel is formed essentially by an evacuated envelope which has an inorganic filler present inside thereof, in the form of powders, fibers or their mixtures. Each of the evacuated panels (4, 4') is rolled up around a rolling axis to such that two opposed edges thereof (5, 5') parallel to the rolling axis are mutually set side by side. The rolled evacuated panels (4, 4') are also arranged with the edges (5) of an evacuated panel (4) being staggered with respect to the edges (5') of another evacuated panel (4').

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