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Light cove

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7029143.

A light cove (20), which is adapted to be secured to a wall (46), includes elongated top and bottom fastening devices (22) and (24), a light-transparent panel section (26), and a plurality of two-piece adjustable supports (28). A light fixture (82) with one or more bulbs (80) is positioned intermediate to the top and bottom fastening devices, and all three elements are separately securable to a wall (46) for accommodating any unevenness of the wall and to provide maximum adjustment among the three parts. The panel section is pivotally couplable to the bottom fastening device and can be articulated upwardly so as to position its end (50) adjacent to the adjustable supports. The supports include a strap (62) having projections (78) which can be snapped past a snap-in lip (58) to form a secure joint between the strap and the panel section. After proper positioning of the panel section with respect to the wall and its surroundings, a plurality of screw and wing nut couplings (66) in the adjustable supports are fully tightened to complete the installation of light cove. When it is necessary to change the bulbs or clean or replace any parts of the panel section or the light fixture, it is only necessary to reverse the above-described installation.

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